ChinAI Newsletter #18: Summaries of 5 reports from Yiou Intelligence on China's AI industry

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5 reports on China's AI Industry from Yiou Intelligence

Lighter newsletter this week. Only one translation which consists of quick-and-dirty summaries of 5 research reports from Yiou Intelligence, a consulting firm that does reports on AI-related industries (they claim an average of 30,000 downloads per report and this series of 5 released got a decent amount of press). Here are some brief takeaways from the five reports:

  1. China Artificial Intelligence Industry “Landing” Report + Top 100 Enterprises List: Since 2014, more than 500 investment institutions have invested in China's AI industry, with a cumulative investment of > RMB 60 billion. Claims 2018 could be the year where these AI enterprises enter the commercialization stage.

  2. China Medical AI Development Research Report: 4 key use cases -- medical imaging, virtual assistants, health management, and drug development

  3. China Children's Programming Education Industry Research Report: Continuation of a theme from past newsletters on education and long-term investments, has become an investment opportunity as well

  4. Research Report on Banking Industry Innovation Patterns and Models: Not directly related to AI industry, but identifies the growth of China's fledgling private banks (which rely more on fintech and smart services) as a key trend in banking

  5. China AI + Security Industry Development Research Report: Security companies accounted for the highest proportion of companies in the top 100 AI companies list mentioned earlier; field where AI's "landing" progress is currently the fastest 


Reviewing the Chess Game of Drastic Changes in AI Business, these 5 reports from Yiou Intelligence are worth collecting

This Week's ChinAI Links

Ian Hogarth and Nathan Benaich published a very useful State of AI report (modeled off of Mary Meeker's annual Internet trends report) that gives an overview of AI developments in the past 12 months. Ian previously published an excellent article on AI nationalism that is also worth a read.

Bill Bishop's Sinocism China Newsletter, "the presidential daily brief for China hands" had some great links on U.S.-China competition over AI:
- Tsinghua University announced a new Institute for Artificial Intelligence 
- A Vice-president of Tsinghua University wrote an article on military-civil fusion in AI, translation by Elsa Kania.
- A Financial Times article that gives a good overview of how tech plays into the U.S.-China trade war


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