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I've already lost my long-is comment... you should try to retain comments. Anyway, I wist to make a protest for the super wonderful delivery guys in China. It's dehumanising to make them go against traffic etc to satisfy the greedy consumers... I'd had rides in tusks tubs in GZ and though it's fun to go against the oncoming traffic, accidents can happen and I don't think they're insured either. China must regulate its traffic rules better...it's following the law of the jungle still.And I want to see an improvement regarding the cheap labour but high, and impossible, expectations of the poor delivery guys. Until this area of the rule of law and protection of those in cheap labour are put into practice, CHINA CANNOT BE A SOCIALIST COUNTRY. I think the local councillors all over China are lazy and inept and should be whipped up to do some work which is clearly negligent.

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